Guest Information

Phase III Restoration Project

Although it may appear that little work is being done on the 17 un-restored North Beach cottages, Crystal Cove Alliance (CCA) and California State Parks (CSP) have been hard at work behind the scenes.

For the past year and a half CCA and CSP have been working to identify and address the permitting and design challenges associated with restoring this very unique historic property. During this time, CCA and CSP have substantially completed engineering plans, resource studies and cost analyses and estimates for the project.

The project team has initiated the application process for a Coastal Development Permit from the California Coastal Commission. Commission approval is expected in 2016.

Regarding Funding: The revised cost estimate for the project is now $26M. This includes $13M for infrastructure improvements and $13M for cottage restoration.

CCA will be spending the balance of 2015 determining the best strategy for this fund-raising campaign. The good news is that CCA has already raised approximately $6M for Phase III Restoration. CCA still has a long way to go towards this effort.

If you would like to donate or know someone that would like to contribute towards our Phase III Restoration Project, please contact:

Laura Davick
5 Crystal Cove
Newport Coast CA 92657

Map & Directions

Crystal Cove Beach Cottages in the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District is located on the ocean-side of Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Coast, CA 92657.

When driving southbound on Pacific Coast Highway from Newport Beach and points north, the entrance to the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District is located at the
Crystal Cove/Los Trancos major intersection, the first traffic light south of Newport Coast Drive.
Turn right toward the ocean to enter the park.

If driving northbound on Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna Beach and points south, Crystal Cove/Los Trancos major intersection is the first traffic light after Crystal Heights Drive.
Turn left toward the ocean to enter the park.

Proceed to the guard Kiosk for directions to the Registration/Check-In Office, located on the bluff to your right.

For those who would like to use an internet map service, search for: 35 Crystal Cove and/or  Crystal Cove Beach Cottages or click links below.

Click here and enter your address for driving directions

Crystal Cove Beach Cottages & Map

Registration/ Arrival Requirements

No guest vehicles are allowed to park in the Historic District, except those with valid DMV ADA Disabled Placards.

Each Registration includes guest parking for two(2) vehicles. The parking area is in the Los Trancos Parking Lot, located across PCH from the Historic District, a delightful approximate 7-minute walk from the Cottages.

Note: Entry into and through the park’s main gates (both to the Historic District and Los Trancos Parking) close daily at 10pm to 6am. All vehicle entry and parking as well as all accessibility for Check-In/Registration is restricted during this time.

The person named on the reservation MUST be present and provide a reservation voucher or confirmation # and a form of photo identification. Approved validation & verification of identity must be provided no later that 24 hrs from Check-In by fax, in-person, or face eviction by on site State of California Parks Law Enforcement Officers.

ADA Disabled guests MUST provide appropriate identification and a valid DMV ADA Placard or they shall not be admitted onto the property, & without refund of the guest’s deposit.

Check-In & Parking

Check-In is anytime after 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

After entering the park, at the Kiosk, follow the signage & park in the ‘Temporary 15-Minute Parking – Check-In/Check-Out Lot.’

The person named on the reservation must be present & must provide valid identification at time of Check-In.

At conclusion of Registration, you will be courtesy shuttled along with your belongings to your Cottage. Your vehicle’s driver will then be shuttled back to the Temporary to transfer your vehicle to the Los Trancos Parking Lot, across Pacific Coast Highway from the Historic District.

No guest vehicles are allowed to park in the Historic District, except those with valid DMV ADA Disabled Placards.

Check-in registration includes vehicle parking with Parking Access Cards (2 per cottage limit) each secured by a $50 deposit.

Only cardholder may come and go from Los Trancos parking lot during their stay, free of exit charges.

Parking Access Cards must be returned at check-out or failure to return results in a deposit forfeiture of $50 per card.

Additional paid day-use parking ($15 per vehicle) is available at Los Trancos parking lot across Coast Hwy from the Crystal Cove Historic District.


Check-Out is anytime prior to 11 am. Late Check-Outs are not allowed and strictly monitored.

Parking Access Cards issued at check-in/registration must be returned at check-out or failure to return results in a deposit forfeiture of $50 per card. A charge will be assessed for the the loss of keys, per key.

At Check-out the mandatory City of Newport Beach Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax of ten percent (10%), also known as a Bed Tax, is charged for all occupied cottages.

After Check-Out the procedure for shuttling is the reverse of Check-In, ie park your vehicle in the ‘Temporary 15-Minute Parking;’ Check-Out in the Reception Office; then you will be shuttled back to your Cottage for retrieval of your packed belongings.

Office Hours & Quiet Time

Reception/Registration Office is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday.

Quiet time is 10:00pm to 8:00am . . please respect these hours so that fellow guests can enjoy their stay.


Reservation of a unit requires that 100% of the rental fees be paid in advance through ReserveAmerica.

Upon arrival, guests will be required to issue a credit card, for authorization only (not a charge), serving as a security deposit for keys issued and Parking Access Cards (2 per cottage limit).

A $50 charge will be assessed for the loss of keys, per key.

And, we charge $50 for each lost or not returned Parking Access Card, at check-out, per card.

Occupancy Limits & Number of Guests In Each Unit at Check-In

The fixed rate per night for each cottage or room is based on the maximum allowable occupancy of people for an Individual Cottage or Dorm-style, private room Cottages.

The person named on the reservation must be present & must provide valid identification at time of Check-In. The ‘responsible party,’ he or she, is required to list the names and number of adults and children staying in the unit.

All children 4 years old and older shall qualify as guests to be listed at registration.

Occupancy limits will be strictly enforced – Any party that falsely represents the total number of guests or exceeds maximum interior or exterior occupancy loads in any unit may be subject to immediate eviction without refund – by Crystal Cove State Park law enforcement officers.


Non-registered guests and visitors MUST vacate state park property, including all cottages & their decks between 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.


Crystal Cove is located in a generally mild, sunny & temperate climatic zone.

However, the cottages are directly on the Pacific Ocean and subject to rapid changes in weather. Also, guests should note that most cottages, due to their historic nature, are built with single-wall construction.

Guests should bring appropriate clothing and footwear to ensure that their stay is pleasant no matter what the weather conditions are. There will be no refunds given due to inclement weather.

Individual Cottages have wall-mounted heating units; &, portable heaters are available for the Dorm~Style Cottages upon request at Check-In, anytime during your stay.

Accomodations & Amenities

Each cottage and room at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages is unique, so there is no such thing as a ‘typical or standard’ cottage or room. Please choose accommodations carefully since we will not be able to accommodate requests to change to another unit as there are a very limited number of cottages and rooms.

At Crystal Cove Beach Cottages there are two types of accommodations, Individual Cottages and Dorm-Style, Private Room Cottages – the range of rates are from $175 to $245 and $35 to $105, respectively.

For all of the cottages rates and occupancy limits see THE COTTAGES menu.

All of the cottages are unique in that they are part of the National Historic Register and have been carefully restored with modern electricity, plumbing, and safety features, while at the same time preserving every original detail possible. The cottages and rooms have been decorated with period-appropriate colors and furnishings to preserve Crystal Cove’s unique historical ambiance.

What’s Provided

Every cottage is equipped with a vintage style refrigerator and a microwave. In addition, ADA-accessible units include a small electric cook top. Disposable plates and utensils and all necessary linens and towels are provided as well.

Beach Paraphernalia
(Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, Towels, Sunscreen, Toys)

Crystal Cove Beach Cottages doesn’t furnish beach towels. We suggest that guests bring their own beach towels &/or purchase them at the Beachcomber Beach Rentals. Available on a ‘first come-first serve’ basis, rental items include Beach Chairs & Umbrellas. Retail Products include Beach Towels & toy sets such as Smashball, Sand Toys & Flying Disks. Also available are Aloe Gator Sunscreen Protection Products. Items above will be available primarily during late spring and the summer months.

Cribs & HighChairs

A limited number of cribs and high chairs are available. Advance notice is required to guarantee that the items requested will be available upon your arrival.

HouseKeeping & Maid Service

Housekeeping and maid service is limited as follows...

  • Individual Cottages
    Beds will be made upon arrival with towels and soap placed in bathrooms. No daily services will be provided except for trash removal. After 4 days, towels will be replaced upon request.
  • Dorm-Style, Private Room Cottages
    Fresh linens and towels will be furnished in all Dorm-Style rooms upon arrival. It will be the responsibility of guests to make their own beds. Towels will not be replaced.


There are no laundry facilities on the premises. We suggest that guests bring sufficient apparel for the duration of their stay.

Groceries and Supplies

There are several options for groceries and supplies within three miles for guests who prefer to provide some or all of their own meals. Several major grocery store chains are located nearby, such as TRADER JOES, VONS & ALBERTSONS.


Pets are not allowed in the cottages or on the beach, with the exception of legitimate ADA Service Animals (dogs) as recognized by ADA law, Titles II & III.

The Store

Click here to shop in our online store. And, when in the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District, visit The Crystal Cove Interpretive Store and Gallery filled with unique arts and unexpected treasures.

‘Top 10’ FAQs

Click here to view the ‘Top 10’ FAQs at Crystal Cove Beach Cottages

Food Services

There are two(2) food service facilities on site...

The Beachcomber Café

Beachcomber Cafe

The Beachcomber Café is located right on the beach and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner inside or outside on the deck, overlooking the sand. The BootLegger Bar serves your favorite alcohol beverage & snack items.

For current information relating to The Beachcomber Café, please choose & click on the direct links below...

The Beachcomber & Bootlegger Bar
The Menu

The Shake Shack

The Shake Shack

The Shake Shack is open from morning till dusk and serves a great selection of take-out foods and features an outdoor deck with a beautiful view of the Historic District and beach area.

For current information relating to SHAKE SHACK, visit their comprehensive website...
Shake Shack

Additionally, many restaurants are nearby in Newport Coast, Newport Beach & Laguna Beach. Many menus & restaurant lists are in the Reception/Check-In Office for your perusal.

Educational Programs

For current information relating to our ongoing educational endeavors please visit

State Park Policies & Regulations

Historic DistrictGeneral Rules & Regulations, all laws, including State of California Parks Rules Regulations, shall be strictly enforced.


In the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District Including smoking, charcoal/wood burning barbeques, campfires, candles, incense, tiki torches and other open flames. Self-contained gas canister type BBQ’s are permitted on the beach and at approved locations of cottages, exterior only.

Smoking is prohibited in all cottages ~ violations will be charged a damage fee(s) up $250. Alcohol, drugs is/are prohibited in all Dorm~Style Cottage(s) areas. State of California Parks Law Enforcement Officers enforces zero tolerance on alcohol.

We recommend you close and lock windows/doors when not occupying your cottage. We do not have safe deposit boxes and Crystal Cove Beach Cottages is not responsible for your belongings.

Occupancy Limits will be strictly enforced

If the number of guests exceeds the number listed on the reservation, up to the maximum allowable; and/or exceeds posted maximum interior/exterior occupancy loads, in any unit, the responsible party & guests are subject to immediate eviction without refund.


Guests will be responsible for repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed property caused during their stay.

Maintenance & Refunds

We will make every effort to ensure that all appliances are in good operating condition and we request that guests report any problems as soon as they are discovered. Our maintenance staff will make every effort to correct any problems. However, we cannot guarantee that any item can be immediately repaired. Refunds will not be made for inconvenience caused by mechanical failure of appliances.

Substitution of Unit 

We reserve the right to substitute a comparable accommodation without notice or liability should a reserved unit be out of order.


Sub-renting, auctioning, assigning, or unauthorized transferring of cottage reservations with or without profit, is prohibited by law. Reservation transfers may be permitted by following ReserveAmerica guidelines.

Natural Elements

As a unit of the State Park system, all natural elements such as shells, rocks, branches, pine cones, flowers, etc. may not be removed, as they are protected by State of California Law.

Crystal Cove, Reef Point & Pelican Point waters & tidepools are all designated as a marine reserve.

* Please note that violation of any of the above mentioned policies, rules and regulations may result in forfeiture of payment and eviction from the premises by State of California Parks Law Enforcement Officers.